Why am I craving sugar?

The answer is that your body is not asking for sugar.
Better said «You think it is asking for sugar».
Actually there are various reasons why we “crave” desserts or sweets.
1. You are eating way to less for the amount of calories that you burn during the day ➡️your body is asking for high-calorie desserts as you need to consume more calories.
2. You are not consuming enough fruits of vegetables ➡️your body is actually asking for more nutrients but we tend to go for sugar instead.
3. You are dehydrated ➡️your body is asking for more water and not sweets.
4. It’s just a habit that you had it for a long time ➡️you end up consuming sweets without even thinking if you need them.
The reason why you crave sugar can be any of these, or even 2 of them.
Main tip:
Try to consume more fruits and vegetables, hydrate yourself well and eat the calories that you need to eat from whole foods and not sweets.
If none of the reasons above work then I would recommend seeing a doctor and checking if the “craving” is coming from somewhere else.
“Think before you eat”!
Sugar cravings
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