The Real Weight Loss Pyramid

There are plenty of food pyramids on the internet that tell you that you should consume whole foods, fruits and vegetables and reduce the processed food.

Ok, that makes sense but how do you lose weight “following” that food pyramid? How much of each food should you consume?🧐

That is why I created this True Dieting Pyramid.

1. First thing to focus on when you want to lose weight is your CALORIE BALANCE 📍.It is really important that you are on a caloric deficit. I have heard a lot of people saying “oh I eat healthy but I am not losing weight».

When it comes just about weight loss a calorie is a calorie and it does not matter where it comes from.
You can gain weight while having just whole foods.

2. FOOD COMPOSITION– you need to get your calories from whole foods in order to get all your vitamins and nutrients in. We don’t want just to lose weight- we want to nourish our body in a healthy way while losing weight📍.

3. MACRONUTRIENTS– you need to find the right balance between your carbs, proteins and fats that suit your lifestyle and activity levels.

4. MEAL FREQUENCY– you need to find the right frequency that suits you and keeps you satisfied for longer.

5. SUPPLEMENTS – make sure you know if you have any vitamins deficiencies and supplement if needed.

Focus on this pyramid if you want to lose weight rather than restricting yourself from having carbs or your favourite meals.

Restriction will ALWAYS lead to binge eating.
Flexibility will ALWAYS lead to progress.

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