Restrictive Eating

Restrictive eating does not equal long term weight loss

This is an important topic to be discussed as I hear a lot of people saying:

“I cut out carbs, pizza and sweets because I am trying to lose weight “

Restrictive eating and making a drastic change in your diet will lead to binge eating 📍

Restricting yourself from having certain meals might work for a week or two but after that you will start eating everything that you stopped having (most likely in big quantities).

This will automatically erase all the progress made and might even make you gain weight.

That’s why is important to not restrict yourself from any meals. Especially your favourite ones.

Adapting the recipes and the portion sizes to fit your macros is the realistic ANSWER for long term weight loss 📍

When you start being on a caloric deficit you want things to be as easy as possible for you. Stopping having the meals that you enjoyed the most will not be easy and of course not achievable.

Create a healthy balance between meals full of micronutrients and your favorite dishes ➡️ long term progress.

A caloric deficit does not have to be difficult or restrictive!

Restrictive Eating
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