We all see food from different perspectives and look at it differently. Some of us might see it as a “social gathering” with family or friends, others as a “source of fuel” for our physical activities.

Either way, the high amount of information that we receive regarding nutrition is so vast that we are lost and do not know anymore in what we should believe.

Nutrition coaching with me is based on your lifestyle and personalized so that it suits your needs. You will not have to restrict yourself from eating your favorite meals once you will develop a better understanding about nutrition. I will guide you on what is the best way to enjoy your most loved meals while losing weight. The main focus will be on what you can eat and not on what you cannot eat.



Having a healthy nutrition is highly correlated with our mindsets. Our beliefs and emotions lead our eating habits. We do not see food as a fuel resource but as an escape from our daily problems, anything related to stress, tiredness or feelings.

Once we change your mindset regarding food it will become easier to follow a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. This will automatically lead you for life lasting results regarding weight loss.

Changing your mindset regarding food will determine you to take the right decisions when you choose what to eat. Your mindset will be developed by improving your knowledge about nutrition and learning new tips for cooking. This shift in your mindset will lead to a healthier lifestyle while achieving your goals.


A healthy diet can help you achieve some of the results you were wishing for.
BUT a combination of sport with a healthy lifestyle not only helps you achieving your goal but also improves your mental well-being in a great way. Doing sports releases dopamine- the happiness hormone which will improve your overall mood and health.

Another benefit which is often neglected is that you will keep your muscles if you do sports while being on a caloric deficit as your body will burn mostly the bodyfat and not muscle mass. Burning more calories while training will aid the deficit caloric that you are in and will ease and speed the process of achieving your fitness goals.

Therefore, a combination of a balanced nutrition and doing sport will transform your entire lifestyle while keeping you healthy.

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